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if they win at bare minimum, they are playing at home on friday. there is much to wish for in game 62. the man who is going to get the ball on the mound -- chris tillman. 9-2 record. he has become their goat to starter. when they traded for him in 2008, they hoped that he would be able to start like this. they hoped and he sure has been able. >> absolutely. i have been throwing well. you know, we have to kind of fuel each other's efforts. >> and there is our real excitement here at tropicana field. and the rays played their best
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game of the year yesterday. we can expect nothing less tonight. is the last day of the regular season. there are still many. are sports producer of bricks it all down for us now -- our sports producer breaks it all down for us now. >> it all comes down to this. take a look at the four scenarios on the big board. if the orioles win and the yankees lose, there is a one- game tiebreaker tomorrow here in baltimore. we do not know the time. if the orioles lose and the yankees win, the yankees win the east. the orioles would be wild card two. they would play their first postseason game on the road. if the orioles win and the yankees when coming yankees win the east. orioles get a home playoff game on friday night. if the orioles lose -- if the yankees lose, the orioles win the east. if you look at the overall
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leaders in the american league right now, the yankees have a one-game advantage over texas and oklahoma that are currently playing each other, battling it out to find out who is american league west champion and who will fall to the wild-card position. just to show you no. 5 on that graphic -- they will be the no. 3 seed in the american league central. it looks like a new york times crossword puzzle, but we will figure it out by the end of the night. >> thank you. great job. tommy hunter just walked by and said hi. he said, you know what? we have to win tonight's game. >> we will take a look at some of the special moments of the season and what they have it meant to this team. >> no pressure there, right?
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and in due to the orioles postseason games, the sixth avenue purple even in will be postponed. if it was previously scheduled for this coming monday, but now it has been pushed back to november 5. the organizers say with the potential playoff game in oriole park, they would be unable to post the event with the standard to which it has been a custom. don't worry. tickets will be honored in november. we have a u local challenge. go to and click on u local. >> the first presidential debate -- mitt romney and president obama go head-to-head tonight at 9:00 right here. we are outside the ritchie
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center in colorado where the showdown will take place. >> good evening. when this debate starts here tonight at the university of denver, moderator jim lehrer will ban clapping. so, he says, we as america can concentrate on what the candidates are saying. >> i have made up my mind, but i would still like to see both of the candidates sweat a little bit. >> president obama was relaxed this week. mitt romney, too, but he knows he has to change perceptions tonight. more voters see romney negatively than positively, and that loses elections. >> only two presidential candidates in the last 20 years have had a net negative image at this point and one of them lost, george h. w. bush, ann romney needs to improve that dynamic. >> romney got good news from three battlegrounds.
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in florida, he is down only by one. . still way behind in ohio peeling -- in florida, he is down only by one. he is still way behind in ohio. in virginia, he is behind by two. >> the idea that i am anti- immigrant is repulse of. do not use a term like that. >> even barack obama can sound like a professorial know what all. >> i understand the broader point senator cohen has been trying to make for the last several weeks. >> 90 minutes, no breaks, a back and forth on domestic issues with possible fireworks. >> i think you'll see both of them be more aggressive than either of their campaigns have predicted, because the stakes are pretty high. >> the contest could get tighter after tonight's clash. but most here in virginia -- in denver agreed that this could be
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decided to 9. wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can follow live debate up its in our commitment 2012 app. can also watch the debate beginning here at 9:00. hastonight, the i'team uncovered new details in the death of a man in police custody. three officers were involved. one more shot in a line of the incident two years ago. >> the officers have not been officially named by the police department. an investigation is underway to determine whether any will be criminally charged. one more shot and wounded in an incident in downtown baltimore nearly two years ago. that officer recovered and
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became an advocate for tougher gun laws. he is the officer wrote had the hands on contact with anthony anderson. the medical examiner found that he died of blunt force injury. his family argues the autopsy supports criminal charges against the officers. but the police union argues the officer followed standard procedure in taking anderson to the ground during their arrest without any evidence of kicking or stomping him. the other two officers had several suits -- civil suits brought against them. the jury found them liable in one suit. he was also awarded a medal of honor for his service later. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the search is on tonight for a man to escape police custody near morgan state.
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university officials issued a number of alerts to students when the search began around 7:00 last night. police confirmed they arrested the man on the warrants in northeast baltimore, but somehow he was able to escape and took off into the woods. alerts were sent out by morgan state police, and he was last seen near the murphy fine arts center. >> and man fell to his death will try to break into a roland park home. when the president returned home and caught him in the act, that is when he lost his grip and fell to the concrete walkway. he was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. police are not releasing the name until they have notified next of kin. >> and unseasonably warm weather pattern continuing across our area. it looks like it will stick
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around until the cold front can get here this weekend. this muggy air will reduce scattered showers like we can see on hd doppler right now. showers and thunderstorms around tampa in northern florida into georgia. that is tracking to the north. some of the florida showers could work into our area overnight and tomorrow morning. temperatures expected to continue way above normal. more in the seven-day forecast. >> tonight, gov. martin o'malley is pushing a new proposal that could raise your bge bill. and comes from a task force commissioned by the governor to assess utilities after the outage that left customers in the dark for weeks. kim? >> the new report from the commission is 131 pages long and lists 11 recommendations for improving the utility system in maryland, and it could mean your
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bge bill is going up. bge spent wednesday participating in a storm drill, simulating a storm damage. it was the same day as our report on improving the reliability of the maryland electrical distribution system was released. a storm in june left some customers without power for weeks. the report recommended more aggressive tree management and underground wires come not a strategy that bge supports. the task force recognizes the need for utilities to realize full and timely cost recovery for accelerated investment in the state's electorate infrastructure. that cost recovery would come from consumers to speed up the improvements in two years instead of four. gov. martin o'malley says the surcharge for its maintenance would amount to $1 or $2 per
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month on a customer's bill. >> most customers will not pay -- most customers would pay a dollar or two on month more for a more reliable britt. -- grid. >> in return, utilities would be held to stricter levels of reliability and allow regulators to assess performance after storms when considering its future rate increases. the task force also addresses utility staffing levels and infrastructure investment. the goal of these recommendations is to prevent outages and ensure that maryland has a more reliable energy source soon. the report goes on to the consumer service commission. reporting live at bge headquarters, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thanks.
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a deadly meningitis outbreak turns deadly. what the cdc says could be behind it all. >> ahead at 5:30, authorities say one group is showing up far too often behind bars. >> and baltimore restaurants and bars may soon have to make the bars may soon have to make the
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>> how would your favorite restaurant fare if it were graded on cleanliness? >> right now, the baltimore city health committee is meeting to discuss changing the way it inspects food facilities by assigning grades that would be in full view of patrons. lowell melser joins us with more on that. >> you may have seen in places like los angeles where you walk into an establishment and there is a sign there that tells you how clean the establishment is you are walking into. now baltimore city, there is a council that once to bring the idea here. the lunch rush is in full swing. not much has changed since the owner's family of any place in the late 1940's. when asked about a new proposal
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to assign grades concerning health inspections, he told us why change a system that already works? >> the health department does their job. is the place should be closed down, it is close down. i do not see what the grades really mean in reality. >> the bottom line is the citizens deserve to know the conditions of the places where they eat the thing right now, they cannot do that. >> the idea comes from councilmen -- cancel man -- councilman ran and scott. he got the idea from restaurants in north carolina where, he says, all restaurants had been inspection grade in full view. >> that is the bottom-line. we are going to hold them accountable. >> this is a very to -- this is a very easy to understand system. >> over the city health
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department that monster -- monitors facilities, they are applauding the idea. right now, companies have to request the information from the health department, which can take a long time. with this new grading system, they can not only see it on the wall, but also access more information online. >> we feel this offers not only transparency into the governmental process, but it is providing more information to the public. >> they are hoping that health officials will take everything into consideration before assigning the great. >> if you have a high-volume food service or bar or restaurant -- you could have every qualification before you open your doors. but in the middle of a high volume rush, even doing the best you possibly can, the nature of the business, you could be a b or a c.
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>> councilman scott says that it will not be implemented immediately. it could take four or five months before it could be voted on. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures much warmer than normal. afternoon sunshine breaking through the cloud cover. spotty showers here and there. we may pick up a little rain tonight and tomorrow morning. be what weather coming out of the south from georgia and eastern -- the wet weather coming out of the south from georgia and eastern north carolina. a lot of this is pretty heavy rain in florida tonight, too. thankfully they are under the dome down their. the average high is in the low
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70's. we are talking blows that night. is really an upside-down weather pattern as far as temperatures go. 86 degrees a dwi commercial right now. 10 degrees warmer than this time of year normally. this warm weather system has been pushing its way all week. the secondary area of low pressure in the great rate -- great lakes, drawing that muggy air. 80 degrees in miami at this hour. watch that cold front. there is a significant temperature drop. 66 chicago. montana -- 39 degrees. with this contrast. rapid city to denver. a stronghold from their. a lot chilly air coming out of canada. there is no in the forecast
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appear. the dakotas and northwestern minnesota. by friday morning, they could have several inches on the ground in the upper midwest. fall is on the way in full force. that front out there will not get here until the weekend. until then, it stays warm and muggy. some sunshine breaking through. 80's tomorrow. it should be a warm summer a day before that western front arrives. there are some clouds and spotty showers along the front saturday afternoon. much cooler weather behind it. that chilly air will filter in saturday night into sunday morning. showers in the morning, a little afternoon sunshine. winds are coming out of the west. 9:42 in the morning. western maryland -- we will see temperatures above normal, actually for them.
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quite a bit warmer than they would expect in october, but sharply colder. frost is not out of the question. in western maryland may get some wet snow by the end of the weekend. maryland beaches -- 80's. sunny skies on friday. 7-bit forecast. he let the warm weather, enjoy the next couple of days. the weekend is when things will change. temperatures dropping saturday night. 57 for the high on sunday. by tuesday morning, we should have lows in the mid-30's. >> more than a dozen cases of meningitis reported in five states. four cases were fatal. where the cdc believes it initiated. >> what are the risks of menopause? we will tell you in tonight's medical oiler.
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>> coming up, how some members >> coming up, how some members of the it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them.
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but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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>> there are no plans tonight to save the edgar allan poe house. the city will work -- will pay to make the house a stronger cultural attraction. they're working with members of the newly formed nonprofit poe baltimore. some of the ideas include promotional blurb -- promotional brochures. alternately,poe baltimore -- ultimately, poe baltimore will take responsibility for running and operating neihaus. a couple weeks ago, we reported that it was closing before halloween. >> in tonight's medical alert, are rare fumbled meningitis outbreak has dropped individuals
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who have received steroid injections. four have died. 1 in maryland. contamination could be in other products. according to the cdc, the other cases are in virginia, maryland, florida, and north carolina. more new cases are almost certain to appear in the coming days. we will follow this story and bring you more details. a new study seems -- the study does not address breast cancer, for example. this is the first research on the effects of hormones on women's health. even with this information, the advice is the same. only use for menopausal symptoms at the lowest dose for the least
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amount of time possible. a new report by the department of health and human services inspector general says 20% of those products make false health claims. some claim to cure or prevent cancer or diabetes. the report did not aim in -- name individual brands or products. >> tonight, the first major presidential debate of the 2012 election. coming up, we are speaking with analysts about possible strategies the candidates may take. plus, a gold medal siding's all over one baltimore -- sightings all over one baltimore hotspot. >> and it is not adding up for juvenile services officials are in maryland. in maryland. i
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>> live, local, lead 3 kaine. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall, donna hamilton, chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer, and sky team 11 covering local news where you live. >> juveniles in trouble with the lot and why are so many of them minorities? it is a question maryland is trying to come to grips with. right now, more than 90% of the juvenile is in jail and baltimore city are minorities. >> it started today with a
5:30 pm
statewide conference. tim, those numbers are staggering. >> this is very serious and it is being dealt with with experts in education and mental health. even so, these are not the kinds of problems to consol in one day at a conference. the issue is why our minority students being arrested and detained unequally all over the state'? local -- young people in trouble with the law for crimes from us all to murder. >> i work with a lot of young adults who have left the school system. some were incarcerated unfairly. some more inappropriately charged. now they cannot go to school. they cannot get a job. >> minorities are more likely to spend time behind bars and white
5:31 pm
youths. but those attending the conference say that there's enough blame to go around. >> the why is because we have not given them the opportunities to determine how we change our behavior. >> most agree that the problems are larger than any one government agency. they believe accountability starts with the ones affected the most. >> unless we have the parent and child participation, especially those impacted by the system, we do not see real change. we can have a public conversation, which is nice, but it is not moving toward change because we do not have that use the engagement. >> i think more can be done in communities to show the positive, the positive aspects so we can start doing positive things to up with each other. >> this is the second year of
5:32 pm
the conference put on by the office of crime control and prevention. >> a lot of work to do. >> in the. thank you. >> president barack obama in gop -- and gop challenger mitt romney will face off in two hours. it is likely the biggest night of the campaign so far. the president gets the first question in a loosely- structured format. weeks of prep are coming down to this with a lot on the line for both candidates. we are live in denver to talk about some of the key talking points tonight. what can we expect to hear? >> we can expect to hear a lot about the economy. half of this debate is dedicated to that issue alone. and also expect other domestic issues, including health care as the role of government. what is unclear is what we will
5:33 pm
hear about controversies, everything from mitt romney's 47% comment to the video that surfaced just last night about the president talking about race and hurricane katrina. >> going into this debate, what to the numbers look like? >> president obama has an eight- point lead in the battleground state of ohio. he is up, but he is in a statistical dead heat in other critical states like florida and virginia. we will see if tonight moves those numbers. >> month after month after month, both have been campaigning. how have they prepared specifically for these debates? >> president, as you know, just arrived in denver today. he was hunkered down in las vegas for the last couple of days, preparing. today is his 20th wedding
5:34 pm
anniversary. we will see how much time he gets to spend with his wife. most of that time has been preparing for tonight. on the flip side, governor romney did prep in denver, but he has spent time in vermont, massachusetts, other locations with his staff getting ready for tonight. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, the debate is as close as your fingertips. share your thoughts and get up the san real time on our commitment 2012 smart phone -- kit updates in real-time on our commitment 2012 smart phone app. >> we're learning more about an accident that sent seventh to the hospital. authorities tell us this happened just before 1:00 this afternoon and it involves only one vehicle. most of the victims are being treated at anne arundel medical
5:35 pm
center, but two victims were flown to shock trauma in baltimore. police say last night they arrested a man on a warrant near the 1900 block of argon drive in northeast baltimore. somehow he was able to escape and run into the woods. tonight is the final oriels post-season pushed. there could be a tie-breaker to marmite if the orioles win. if they lose, they will play in a wild card game against the athletics were the rangers. more is coming up 6:00. former butler accused of stealing documents. >> he tells the world why he did
5:36 pm
it. >> why scientists say the earth is warming faster than expected. >> the washington red
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>> covering the world, the secretary of state and the minister of afghanistan launched a bilateral investigation today. secretary clinton hosted the meeting at the state department this morning. is part of a strategic agreement -- it is part of a strategic agreement signed in may. despite recent challenges, clinton stresses the u.s. stands behind its commitment to afghanistan. bombings killed at least 31, heavily damaging syria's largest city. state media says that activists detonated a car near an
5:40 pm
officer's club. this video cannot be authenticated. friday, -- fighting in syria has intensified in the commercial hub. >> and developments in the trial of the pope's personal butler, accused of stealing sensitive documents from inside the vatican. police say that paolo gabriele had enough documents to fill two moving boxes. he is defending his actions, saying he wanted to expose "the evil and corruption in the catholic church." he pleaded innocence to the charge of aggravated that. >> a warning for computer users. >> a scam is going around that says can remove the spy where
5:41 pm
and viruses. what you should know before logging in. >> this is raising many eyebrows. we will explain. >> we will track this warm weather with the seven-day forecast, coming up next.
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>> coming up at 6:00 -- the presidents and his opponent will take the stage and ninth for the murder -- the first major debate of this election. your bge bill could be going up. the reason for the governor's request. request.
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> a new climate change report has surprising and troubling findings tonight. scientists find the earth is warming much faster than expected. they say expected to record low temperatures and the record he we've -- he waves will outnumber them. after that, they say there will be floods and droughts and detoxification of the world's oceans as the water becomes over saturated with carbon dioxide. >> if we are lucky, by the end of the century, the co2 concentration will only have doubled. if we are on monday, it will
5:45 pm
have tripled. >> atmosphere carbon dioxide levels are 40% higher than during the 1800's. not encouraging. >> what does he mean "if we are lucky?" >> does not sound very lucky. >> it could mean anything. but we want to know what we have been experiencing year -- here. >> significance know -- not here, but in the upper midwest. , and over, and i will show you what is happening. that is where we want to be. 100th of an inch today. for the year though, we are just about as 7 inches below normal precipitation -- precipitation for the year. even the morning low is close to what we would have for an average high. this will change over the
5:46 pm
weekend as the cooler air comes in. if you like the warmer temperatures in october, soap in the next couple of days. 80 here. 79 down the coast. 81 in jersey. this mid-atlantic region, there is the warm, muggy air that will be with us tonight from tomorrow. out of the south, scattered showers through the carolinas. not only warm and muggy. we will still be occasionally wet in our area before the drier weather pattern comes in from the west. scattered showers. off to the north and west. that cold front. southerly breezes will keep us in a warm, muggy conditions. this is the cold front we are talking about. really chilly air coming in from the rockies. we actually have a winter storm warnings and watches advisories
5:47 pm
out. 6 inches to 12 inches of snow possible by friday morning in northern minnesota. of good sign the seasons are changing. scattered showers tonight into tomorrow morning. breaks in cloud cover. and other warm day tomorrow afternoon. lots of snow showers friday, which could warm up temperatures again. that western cold front will clog -- crossed the mountains on friday and that will be followed by the chillier air. mostly cloudy, mucky. most of the showers tomorrow in the morning. waves will be 1 ft. 2 two ft. upper 60's 270. maybe some snow in the western maryland mountains on the weekend. on the coast, including ocean
5:48 pm
city, temperatures in the a.d.'s, warm and muggy, through friday. -- in the a.d.'s, warm and muggy, -- in the 80's. temperatures will fall into the 50's saturday night. a high of 89 on monday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, a big announcement from attorney general or colder made this morning in telson -- eric holder in towson. you can be scanned from counterfeit goods for anything ranging from handbags to batteries'. baltimore city is one of the recipients of the grant. this comes as the ftc is issuing
5:49 pm
a warning to computer users. beware of scams that trick consumers to download computer viruses and spyware. danielle? >> hi, rod. we have been warned about the threat of computer viruses. now scams are trying to take advantage of our concern. the scam starts with a phone call. on the other rented -- an individual, often from india, posing as a tech supporter from a company. >> in this recording from the federal trade commission, you can hear him in action. he calls attention to a standard community -- computer utility area like this one and pretends these messages are a virus. >> it has been infected with those online infections, ok?
5:50 pm
>> he offers to remove the state infection in exchange for access to your computer and up to $450. >> is a very serious drop off of consumers. >> an international investigation turned up 1000 victim's. >> it is like a game of what the mall -- whack-a-mole. >> now a court has ordered to stop the scams. >> this is a significant step in halting the operations. >> if you get one of these calls, hang up. never give your personal credit card information to a caller offering to fix the problem remotely. wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> if you think unemployment
5:51 pm
benefits are just for those trying to make ends meet, think again. a new congressional service reports shows that 2800 millionaire's collected unemployment checks in 2008. on average, unemployed millionaires collect just over $11,000 or 37 weeks of unemployed benefits. some members of congress have tried, but have been unable to pass legislation to prevent this from happening. this would save the country $20 million of the next decade. and finally, florida is one of the best places to live in the nation. falls point is noted for its stunning views of the inner harbor, city's bustling with people, and 18th and 19th century architecture. it talks about the american
5:52 pm
ideal of community. topping the list -- that an rouge, louisiana. >> all right. it used to be the neighborhood of michael phelps, but now it looks like he calls the canton area home, just down the street. the compound apparently sold for $1 million, and has been reportedly found -- although there is no word on when he moved. his fells point condo was sold to an executive. coming up, an update to the investigation into the company that neighbors say operates like a nightclub. >> the washington redskins made a field move that begs the question -- can you separate sports from politics?
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> the washington redskins are raising eyebrows tonight. they are making a big move off the field that could make a difference in the election. >> they are supporting question 7. we have more on sports and politics. david? >> some consider this to be a collision at the intersection of sports and politics.
5:56 pm
but history reveals that sports is a powerful political force. the organization is supporting question 7, a measure bringing las vegas-style table games to casinos and allowing another casino site in prince george's county. the redskins issued a statement. "as members of the prince george's county business community, we see it as our obligation to speak out in support development initiatives. we believe question 7 represents a tremendous opportunity to support good paying jobs, support public schools, and create funding for state and local government services." the statement surprises many, especially those who see sports as a form of entertainment. >> i am amazed. @ strikes me as somebody putting their knows where it does not belong.
5:57 pm
whenever you have a gambling and a pro-sports team in the same sentence, it sends up red flags. >> the n.f.l. issued a statement. "so long as a proposed casino does not include sports betting, there is nothing in our league guidelines that would prohibit this type of ballot referendum." other forces have embraced political issues in the past. the atlanta falcons supported a transpiration referendum. -- transportation referendum. jesse owens the bomb to nazi propaganda, and a 1947 jackie robinson help the brooklyn dodgers break the color barrier in baseball. >> it is an economic enterprise. they are going to reap benefits
5:58 pm
from the tax base, that will increase. >> it is the organization taking a position that is an exception. one team member support same-sex marriage. another does not. both are making appeals regarding question 6 on the ballot. >> to support or discourage it. as long as everyone respects everyone's opinion. >> governor romney has an edge with sports teams owners, while players prefer president obama. and sports leagues spent a bundle lobbying congress on issues from on-line betting to internet privacy. in the studio, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we will see what happens when it comes to the november. that is all for us at 5:00. >> here is a look at 6:00. the first face-off between president obama and mitt romney, coming up.
5:59 pm
orioles fans out in force at tropicana field as they check out non-62. we will take a look at some of the more memorable moments from this unbelievable campaign. that is straight ahead. >> of baltimore city councilman on why the battle is not over between a business and neighbors. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> millions will be tuning in to see president obama and mitt romney in their first debate. >> and there is a lot on the line for both candidates. we have more in our commitment 2012 report. >> both candidates are getting ready in the debate hall
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